Locked up at home during COVID-19… where did all of my energy go? Why am I not feeling creative?

With an innate need to create, the stay-at-home requirements have not been healthy for my creative side. I’m unable to exercise a key component of my mind… the inner artist has grown “lazy”. I’ve taken up other forms of exercise, but in my 50’s it is different now… the physical recovery takes longer! The energy, drive and ambition is not there like is was just a few years ago. I’m probably a prime candidate for some testosterone therapy but that all recently checked out as normal… whatever normal means. There is definitely a secret ingredient “X” missing in me.

Normal is not what is going on in life lately, that is for certain… and although I’ve visualized a couple of new art pieces during my end-all goal of building a larger portfolio of work for a gallery show, I struggle to figure out next steps. My shop that I rent space in, Urban Workshop, just now re-opened, thank God… so after a couple of months with idle hands, I can get back to building something.

Creative visualization works better when you have framework to spring from. Well, sometimes… unbounded, misdirected energy has oftentimes in the past led me to start random projects… however, to finish them, a way to “get there” is needed. My end goal is to have a show, sell, spring from it and keep the ball going by getting more gallery exposure.

So, I think I’ve settled on a political piece… before we know it, the Trump Presidency will either be long gone or it will be renewed – and regardless of your feelings about it, it has been polarizing. So what better element for art? I think I’d like to do a neon portrait of Donald Trump… not necessarily a handsome portrait that appeals to the masses that elected him, but perhaps one that some of his electorate would greatly appreciate. Something in line with him saying “fuck you” to his adversaries. Donald Trump, more than any other president, I feel is more likely to flip the finger to anyone who opposes his ideas. Perhaps I could insert a catch phrase such as “Make America…. Again”. But perhaps a series of neon words that scroll or flash… GREAT… FUCK… SHIT… FAIL… I dunno, what would YOU put in neon?

It’s going to be a great, great piece of art… amazing… more great than any other piece of art in the world. Maybe better than any other art piece in human history.


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